Take a DIY Approach to Dessert at Yogurt Mountain

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January 26th, 2021

Decisions, decisions. When you visit Yogurt Mountain at the Arundel Mills Mall, expect to have a hard time deciding what you put in your bowl. Yogurt Mountain is a DIY dessert bar, with one major distinction from other similar chains: the options! The smooth and creamy yogurt comes in 16 different rotating flavors, and not just your plain old vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Try Aunt Ida’s poundcake or eggnog for an almost buttery base, or fruit options like orange sorbet, strawberry lemonade, or mango. Then it’s onto the topping, whether you want crunchy pretzels, decadent caramel truffles, or multicolor mochi to complete your custom creation. Yogurt Mountain has so many soft serve and topping combinations that you could go for years without duplicating the same sweet masterpiece. Yogurt Mountain also offers catering for a fun dessert bar at your next event, or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up for the office. As we all get back to it after the pandemic, Yogurt Mountain can make all the difference in a long week. Online ordering for a crowd is easy on the Yogurt Mountain website. Just choose your date, headcount, and flavors, and then just await the delivery of your ice-cold treat. 

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