Monster Mini Golf: A Must-Visit Destination in Columbia

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Ready to celebrate Halloween a little early this year? Start swinging your club among the resident spooky creatures at Monster Mini Golf. True to its name, this unique indoor mini-golf course is populated by animatronic monsters. They actually interact with guests, so don’t be alarmed if you see them start to wiggle or hear them squawk as you line up your next shot.

The blacklight and glowing neon features add an extra element of fun and intrigue to every game at Monster Mini Golf. You’ll notice that the decor hanging on the walls is also unique, featuring pop art that all pays particular attention to the history of Columbia. As you golf your way through the 18-hole golf course, take some time to greet each monster and to enjoy the house’s own radio station—fittingly dubbed W.I.R.D. Radio—which features both new hits and classic oldies. In addition to the mini-golf course, Monster Mini Golf also features an area dedicated to virtual reality and an arcade. You’re welcome to book a tee time online or just walk in and start putting!

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