Expect Bargain-Priced Groceries at the Aldi in Hanover

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Shop at a store that not only has it all but has the lowest prices at Aldi in Arundel Mills! Aldi is full of grocery options that fit the needs of anyone checking off their grocery list. You’ll be amazed by the endless aisles full of unique products that Aldi has to offer, including some only exclusively found here. 

You can also find housemade salads, soups, dips, and even bakery items at Aldi that are made fresh daily and absolutely tasty. Customers are also raving over the top-notch customer service, cleanliness, and organization of this particular grocery store location. Also indulge yourself by checking out their “special items” aisle and shop the rows and rows of limited-time-only foods, housewares, and apparel unique to Aldi and Aldi alone. 

Shop today in person or online, or select curbside pick-up.

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