East Meets West at Boro Kabob, a New Eatery in Columbia

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Boro Kabob may be brand new to the local culinary scene, but it certainly isn’t taking long for the freshly minted restaurant to start earning a sterling reputation. Its fresh take on traditional Middle Eastern fare—often infused with some modern American flair—already has its first customers abuzz.

Take, for example, fusion dishes like its specialty fries. The fries embellished with sumac seasoning and crumbled feta cheese perfectly marry Middle East and West, while the gyro-topped fries smothered with garlic-feta sauce bring Mediterranean style to an American staple. Of course, the kabobs are really the main event. The koobideh kabob is an early favorite with its ground-beef patties infused with grated onion and a house-made seasoning, but locals also love the boneless lamb tenderloin kabobs. Regardless of what you choose for your main entree, make sure to round it out with a few mezes to share, such as the freshly whipped hummus and the baba ganoush. The latter features artfully charged eggplant. Then savor a slice of baklava, the espresso creme brulee, or fresh tiramisu for dessert at Boro Kabob.

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