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Treat Your Significant Other to Flowers by Gina

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You can’t go wrong with a classic bouquet of long-stemmed roses from Flowers by Gina. The local flower shop is standing by to make last-minute deliveries, and not just of roses—its extensive online inventory is packed with color and variety.

The Botanical Beauty, for instance, departs from your traditional arrangement in that it relies on a vibrant mix of green and white to make a statement. In fact, the clear glass vase it comes in is its own work of art with bright green leaves swirled along the edge to create an enchanting effect. They draw the eye up toward a bouquet of white hydrangeas and asiatic lilies, green roses and trick dianthus, and a mix of other emerald and cream blooms. It has an earthier look that might appeal to a Valentine with understated tastes. But if you want to go in the opposite direction and splurge on a luxe arrangement, the Love Struck bouquet is a safe bet. It incorporates red and pink roses along with pink hydrangea and asiatic lilies, maroon carnations, and a mix of spiral eucalyptus and lemon leaf.

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