Curry & Pie Serves Asian-Indian Fusion Fare in Elkridge

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“Life is short, don’t waste it on boring food.” That’s the motto at Curry & Pie, and the menu certainly aligns with it. This new eatery specializes in Asian-Indian fusion fare, the likes of which you won’t find at any other spot in the area. That’s what made the original Georgetown location successful enough to spawn this new branch nearby.

For a taste of the creative cuisine, look no further than the small plates section. It includes unexpected noshes such as the French fries chaat, crispy spiced fries loaded with roasted chickpeas, chutneys, and rich, savory yogurt. The tandoori tamales are another unique find, stuffed with tandoori chicken and accompanied by a smoky chili sauce. When it comes to the signature curries, the menu is so extensive that you can go as classic or creative as you like with your choices. Stick with a familiar curry like the saag paneer or lamb rogan josh, or try something more adventurous like the shrimp chettinad. This curry features a creamy coconut base infused with poppyseeds and chettinad masala, tossed with fresh, plump shrimp. On the “pie” part of the menu, expect to see pizzas loaded with mango and chicken tikka, pepperoni and cheese, or your choice of curry.

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