Wegmans Has the Essentials (and More!) Near Azure Oxford Square

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Seasonal decor. Artisan cheese and charcuterie. Hot pizzas and wings. Wegmans is much more than just a grocery store. It’s also a home goods store, a gourmet deli, and even a pizzeria. Wegmans’ impressive selection makes it a popular one-stop-shop for busy customers who want to stock up on pantry staples and grab a hot dinner—or a fresh bouquet of flowers or a cup of coffee—at the same time.

If you’re doing a traditional grocery run, Wegmans’ huge inventory should have everything you need. The store is helpfully divided into two main sections, one that’s largely conventional groceries (including Wegmans’ own affordable store brand), and another half that’s dedicated to organic and natural options at higher price points. Depending on your needs, preferences, and budget, start browsing in either for staples like milk and eggs or specialty items such as collagen supplements and vegan-friendly dairy alternatives. Don’t forget to check out the home and entertaining section for things you never knew you needed before you head to checkout! It’s bound to be well-stocked with everything you need to decorate for any given season (including autumn).

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