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Bring a Few Seafood-Loving Friends Along to Crazy Crab - Azure Oxford Square Blog

Bring a Few Seafood-Loving Friends Along to Crazy Crab

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For the full Crazy Crab experience, bring a bunch of friends who are ready to try the all-you-can-eat menu. It’s served family-style, so everyone at the table has to be in agreement that they’re ready to taste-test pretty much everything on the menu. For a flat rate ($54), you get unlimited starters and seafood for up to two hours—if you last that long!

Each “round” of the smorgasbord lets you choose up to three starters and three seafood boil ingredients, along with one sauce (unless you decide to mix together all three of them) and one spice level. So, for instance, you could start with the ever-popular hush puppies, Cajun fries, and raw oysters, then tuck into a seafood boil loaded with shrimp, crawfish, and snow crab legs. Regardless of the seafood you choose, the classic plastic-bag boils are always accompanied by corn, potatoes, and sausage. Don’t forget to select your sauce—Cajun, garlic-butter, lemon-pepper, or a mix of all three—and your spice level, which can range from mild to “on fire.” Order unlimited rounds for your two-hour feast to taste as many different dishes as possible at this popular seafood joint!

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