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Journey Back to the Past at Medieval Times - Azure Oxford Square Blog

Journey Back to the Past at Medieval Times

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Have you ever daydreamed about being a time-traveler? A trip to Medieval Times is the next best thing. It transports you back in time to medieval Spain before you even step inside. That’s thanks to the authentic architecture of the castle—complete with a drawbridge! Walk across the drawbridge and into the Hall of Arms to being your journey.

In the Hall of Arms, you’ll find a collection of medieval artifacts, from swords and shields to axes and full sets of armor. Replicas of some of them are available in the gift shop to take home. Spend some time exploring before heading to the main arena and taking your seat for the show. Once you sit down, the king and queen will ride out on horseback, in grandeur, to get the show started. They’ll introduce the knights who will be jousting atop their noble steeds and going head-to-head with swords—and that’s when the fun really begins! Feast on massive turkey legs and other authentic medieval noshes as you cheer on your knight to victory at Medieval Times.

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