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Crack the Case at Mission Escape Room

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A herd of rogue resurrected dinosaurs. A whopping snowstorm. A vindictive witch. These are just a few of the foes you might face off against at Mission Escape Room in Arundel Mills. It’s actually a collection of five different rooms, each with a distinct theme—some of them even change seasonally.

So even if you’ve visited Mission Escape Room before, expect to find something new upon your return. The most recently unveiled room lays out a “Cabin Fever” scenario, complete with that aforementioned snowstorm. Your job is to get the power back on so you can call for help—but you only have 50 minutes to follow the clues that will eventually help you to restore the electricity. The same timeframe applies to the slightly easier Curse of the Winter Witch. Decades after the land of Brumalia fell prey to the witch’s curse, its leaders want to unite in order to defeat her. You’ll have to crack riddles in order to help them come together and stand up against the Winter Witch. Pick one of these rooms or any of the three others and reserve your spot online for 50 minutes of problem-solving fun!

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