Learn More About the History of Tech at the National Electronics Museum

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Have you ever wondered how the Morse telegraph or Bell telephone was developed? Or thought about how electromagnetic waves have the ability to cook food and convey a text message? If these are the kind of questions that keep you up at night, you’ll be please to find the answers at the National Electronics Museum.

True to its name, this museum holds the key to unlocking the long and interesting history of electronics in the United States. Start your visit in the Fundamentals Gallery, where you’ll learn all about the many uses of electromagnetic waves and get a chance to do a few experiments yourself. Then head to the Communications Gallery to beef up on the history of the telephone and the telegraph, among other things. Other permanent exhibits cover topics ranging from the technology of World War II (including the earliest version of radar) to satellite technology. The latter actually includes a life-sized model of the Boeing 702SP Satellite, along with touchscreens that allow you to scroll through photos and info about other famous satellites.

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