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Order the Barbecue Ribs at Copper Canyon Grill - Azure Oxford Square Blog

Order the Barbecue Ribs at Copper Canyon Grill

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There’s a reason the rotisserie chicken and barbecue pork ribs headline the menu at Copper Canyon Grill. These house specialties take a little extra TLC to create, and it’s obvious in their popularity. Both roast slowly over open flames, resulting in tender, flavorful, fall-off-the-bone meat. While the rotisserie comes paired with homestyle mashed potatoes and green beans, the pork ribs are accompanied by fries and fresh cole slaw.

The dishes epitomize the great care that Copper Canyon Grill’s chef takes to execute each comfort food dish expertly. That starts with appetizers like the iron-skillet cornbread and the spinach and artichoke dip. Complement your chosen small plates with a craft beer or a glass of wine and great conversation with friends. Then move on to one of the signature entrees or a juicy burger or crispy chicken sandwich. You can also opt for a classic American entree like the chicken and waffles, spicy meatloaf, or prime rib. Don’t miss the rattlesnake pasta, which features the rotisserie chicken over linguine with a Cajun Alfredo sauce and plenty of veggies. 

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